The Harsh Winter is Over – The Springtime of HTML5 Has Arrived

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by EPalmer.

HTML5 technology is new, fresh, and now gaining wide acceptance and support on all platforms. Why now? Because the supply is finally catching up to the demand — the demand created by web users everywhere to be able to browse on all of their devices.

As the old saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention.

Technology continues to evolve at an alarming rate, and our options for browsing online have tripled in the last decade alone. Desktops and laptops, tablets, and a spectrum of smart phones – all using browsers that only supported Flash. But Flash wasn’t made for our multitude of viewing devices, and that’s when HTML5 was born.

HTML5 proves to be the next logical step for interactive and viewing technology.

As the snow melts and the flowers bloom, we find ourselves in the “springtime” of HTML5, a standard that is now feasible because people demand it, and the supply follows — all modern browsers are now supporting it at to a greater or lesser degree.

At Contrado we use HTML5 to allow our customers to give their homebuyers the freedom of interactive technology anywhere and everywhere. Homebuyers can view their interactive floor plans, elevations, and exteriors at home on their laptops, on tablets at sales centers, and even on their phones while on site looking at their lot. HTML5 increases the end-user’s exposure to the amazing products that their homebuilders provide, in a meaningful and impactful way — definitely game-changing when it comes to accessibility.

If you want your content to be available to everyone and anyone, everywhere and anywhere, HTML5 is how to adapt.

It is what allows us to provide optimal visibility for everything. Responsive design, flexible content delivery, having your content available where needed, and even making the devices more usable. Although there was never anything inherently wrong about Flash and what we used before , it was the users and their demands that changed.

If you are wondering if HTML5 is right for you, why not ask yourself:

  • What do your customers need?
  • Do they need to view your content everywhere and anywhere?
  • Will they only be using it on their desktops?
  • And do you want to tailor to the device that they are viewing on?
  • Do you want to have major continuity for all devices?

In the homebuilding industry, the last thing you want to do is exclude any potential homebuyer. So our best bet is, you will be needing HTML5!

Top 3 reasons HTML5 is changing the way we build and sell homes:

1. Flexibility of “View Anywhere” – home, office, on the go with your smart phone, on iPad, ANYWHERE!

2. Continuity of experience. You provide the same user experience on all viewing devices for homebuyers.

3. One integrated experience where you can the take the plans anywhere. As long as you save, if you adjust at work, you can view at home and edit, and take to the sales center and anywhere else.

To see an example of what your interactive floor plans could look like with HTML5, check out on all of your devices!

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