The Evolution of Choice

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by EPalmer.

Why Does Today’s Consumer Want to Customize?

Truth: today’s consumer has more choices than ever before. The 21st century has brought a variety of choice, not only in the traditional consumer items — food, clothing, communication, and transportation — but in the products and services that have come to life with the surge of technology in the last several decades.

Take soda, for example. The Cola Wars: what once was a two-item “Pepsi or Coke” option in the not-so-distant past, is now a choice inundated with dozens of other beverage options on the market today. Even the original colas Coke and Pepsi have countless options between themselves: diet, caffeine free, cherry, light, among other flavors and variations.

This is just one minor example of all of the different daily choices today’s consumer makes. And the reason all of these different products and options exist? Because of the evolution of consumers themselves — they want more options! Here’s why:

  • Consumers now live in a predominantly “consumer-centric culture” — a social phenomenon that has gradually (and at times drastically) increased in speed and dominance during the last century.
  • Studies show that as technology expands, corporate competition expands — thus resulting in more products and more choices for consumers. A good example of this is Apple products vs. Windows products.
  • The internet adds a new dimension to the choices our consumers are faced with today, with the ability to communicate opinions, feedback, recommendations, and needs online to millions of viewers.
  • Today’s customer wants the best bang for their buck — especially when it comes to big purchases like homes and cars. They will pay top dollar to have their “dream” home or car but will be selective with who they give their business to, giving it only to the vendor that will give them exactly what they want.
  • The consumer’s desire for more options makes producers keep up — supply increasing with the demand.

The often missed opportunity of producers (of both products and services) is to educate their consumers on the benefits of the choice they are provided. This is precisely the case for homebuilders. As each homebuyer has their unique needs for their lifestyles and homes, it is up to homebuilders to accommodate. The truth is, today’s consumer knows what they want, and companies that can give them just that will win their business. If you don’t give your customer what they want, someone else will!

As a purveyor of choice, we take it as our responsibility to show the consumers of our services just this: we want to give YOUR customers the best choices out there. Check out our VIP services to get started today!


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