Life, Home Building, A Cup of Coffee

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by Paul Salmonson.
In last few months, I have had a few friends pass away at very early ages. Nothing like having someone close to you or a good friend pass away to put perspective in our lives.

Enjoy The Coffee

 As we all grind away in the Home Building Industry, it’s easy to have pity parties and talk about the “good ol’e days”. To be stuck in the past will only delay the reform that must take place in our industry. For these are the by-products of tough times:
  • Innovation
  • New Products & Services
  • Steamlining of Processes
  • Efficiencies

After the space race and world wars, we as a nation had developed many new products that we use today due the pressures in those eras.

So, let us all look upon these trying times as a source to grow and appreciate the day, our work, our friends, our family, and this GREAT country.

This clip is beneficial for all of us. Enjoy!

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