Reaching A Wider, More Tech Savvy Audience

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by Craig Hall.
HTML5, CSS3, SVG, jQuery

Funny how people are anticipating HTML5 as the next big thing, yet in reality, it is the next big thing.

Gone are the lotteries and land rush home sales and apartment to condo conversions, the landscape is almost unrecognizable in only a few short years. With the entire production homebuilding & multifamily housing industries turned on their ear in the last few years, I think its safe to say we’ve all been doing our fair share of changing and the crew here at TCG (The Contrado Group) are  no exception. We have been using flash for our interactive floor plans for years and much like the rest of the industry, times are changing right in front of our eyes. Here at TCG, we’re taking advantage of new technology we’re hoping to reach a wider, more tech savvy audience.

In the coming months we will be talking about incorporating the latest technologies and taking things to the next level. The general public are becoming increasingly mobile and tech savvy. mobile devices with multiple platforms and form-factors are mainstream and showing no signs of slowing. Here at The Contrado Group we’re looking to the future of HTML5, CSS3, SVG, & jQuery just to name a few of the technologies we’re bringing to our interactive floor plan (IFP) product offerings. Taking advantage of HTML5, the DOM (Document Object Model) and its ability to interact with SVG graphics we’re taking interactive floor plans to the next level offering cutting edge interactive products to a broad spectrum of devices and platforms. While HTML5 has not reached its final spec as of yet, as a company we’re ready to get in there and start working. Be sure to check back in future posts for progress and possibly a sneak peek of the new Interactive floor plan development.

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