How Do We Respond To Change?

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by Paul Salmonson.


Remember the book Who Moved My Cheese that was handed out by many companies back in 1998 during times of restructuring? The book had little characters in it named “Sniff and Scurry” and “Hem and Haw”.

Essentially, the book (synopsis) was about how these two groups dealt with change in their little maze. One group, “Sniff and Surry” just took the fact that their regular place that had cheese had changed and went on their way to search for new cheese. The other group, “Hem and Haw” held out that the cheese would eventually be in the same place and began to wait it out relying on their old familiar ways. The moral of the book is that “change happens”, and it’s best to roll with it and adapt.

It’s ironic that in those times of the Dot-com bubble and the NASDAQ peaking at 5132 we thought that the economy was in turmoil. Little did we know that there was one of the largest housing booms about to occur and that the “Great Recession” would be the follow-up. Or, in the words of Judas Priest the rock band, “You’ve got another thing coming”…………

So, what is it about change that rocks our worlds so much? It is certainly human nature to fear change, but this is not a good reaction. In an article by Sherri Bourg Carter entitled “Why We Dread (and So Often Fail to) Change”, she sites that the unknown or untested are primary reasons for this fear which is one of our most powerful emotions. However, shouldn’t change be a constant for a person and/or company if they wish to pursue a better way? If status quo was the norm, we would not have the advances we use today? However, she also sites that “when fear grips you, you become powerless”. That rings true when Franklin D.Roosevelt had to calm our nation during the Depression with the words, “Only thing we have to fear is fear itself”.

We at The Contrado Group continue our changes as a newly merged company; we too are intimidated by what these changes in our industry are bringing about. However, we are taking these circumstances as a way to position ourselves with new industry alliances. These alliances are with companies that share the same vision of process integration. It is our firmest belief that we are in the midst of paradigm shift in homebuilding. This shift is going to involve more streamlining of processes, a tightening of the supply chain, and strategic alliances. In the end, we believe that tomorrow’s homeowner will be able to have a home that is more efficient, customizable, technology driven, and delivered in a manner that removes any false expectations. Builder’s margins will be able to climb due to increased demand, adjustment of the supply chain, and lower of costs due to operational efficiencies. The future looks bright…………………

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    December 22, 2011 - 7:43 AM | Permalink

    Great Post! I read the book myself.. Wow, It’s a great book.. Easy Read too.. Who moved my cheese?

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