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The Power of Collaboration / BIM Consulting

The Contrado Group has put together a task force to review the entire process of residential construction. From concept of a residential community to the final energy certification process that needs to occur in order to receive the given rating for a home for Energy Star and/or LEED’s programs.

The overall solution appears to involve collaboration between all disciplines in the construction process. Too many times, our builders are getting lulled into low-price scenarios at the expense of the total-cost of the project. The aim of our task force will be to have better communication, documentation, and execution of trades for a given project. In doing so, we believe that there will the following benefits:

  • Higher Customer Satisfaction
  • Quicker Time-To-Market Cycle Times
  • Improved Cash-Flows
  • Lower Construction Costs
  • Less Material Waste
  • Higher Profit Margins

Our task force is very focused on sharing of key informational components that not only directly affect those trades that are involved, but the overall construction process. In doing so, we believe construction savings from just field errors will mirror those in the following chart that was taken from a study by J.C. Cannistraro a mechanical contracting firm from Boston.


Through collaborative efforts, we believe that our builders will be able to save “10 to 20 percent of a project’s finances and possibly reinvest into a project” For more on this study, click on this picture:


Please give us your thoughts regarding areas you believe we can make more efficient in the home building industry.

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