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Working Together – Marketing Multifamily for 2011

Multi Family

Rising to the Occasion

We at Outhouse llc, a division of The Contrado Group, look forward to serving the multifamily housing industry starting with a campaign in Dialog Marketing. The concept of Dialog Marketing means connecting on a personal level with consumers who will buy or lease because the company resonates with them. Differentiate yourself and stand out as leaders in the marketplace!

  • What Dialog Marketing is:
  • Relationship driven
  • Bi-Directional Communication
  • Engaging in relevant conversations
  • Permission based
  • What Dialog Marketing is not:
  • Shotgun messaging in traditional media formats
  • Push-Marketing or “forcing” your message
  • Lack of research about the client or prospect
  • Expensive

Dialog Marketing is real and effective!  It invites your customers to connect, foster ongoing relationships and forge new ones. The purpose of this message is exactly that. I’m inviting you to be part of this discussion, contribute at your discression and learn from others in your industry. Let’s work together!

The topics covered will be chosen by you. We plan to research and blend comments of previously blogged topics that will be made available after each topic is introduced. So, to get started, please take 30 seconds to visit our site and vote on which topics are most critical for your business.  Feel free to suggest additional topics too!

What discussion topics around marketing are most important to you for 2011?

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