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What Are THEY Doing That WE Aren’t?


Imitation is the highest form of flattery, right?

What Ideas and Strategies Can We Imitate From Single-Family Home Builders?

I commonly hear from the multifamily industry how “the big builders have deeper pockets and can afford more for marketing campaigns”.  I wonder how true this is.  What campaigns have you seen from a home builder (or any other industry) that made you think, “Ugh, if we could only afford to do that we would get so much more traffic to our properties (or website)”.  Once we get a few ideas down, let’s take the discussion to the next level on how adjustments might be made to make similar and more affordable campaigns for multifamily.

Since the format of our blog revolves around “dialog marketing” it means it’s time to share and contribute your thoughts, solutions, ideas and experience below with your group.  It’s amazing how the collaborative power of a talented group (Yes You!) can come up with great ideas to work for us all as individuals.  It is because of your experience in multihousing that you are a part of this blog in the first place!

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