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Differentiate Your Property From Others

Could you split these two up?

One property I spoke with increased their maximum pet weight limit from 25 to 50 lbs and gained 3 new tenants in the first week that normally would have been turned away.  Another property added an online furniture planning tool to their floor plans and increased the average time spent online by over 300% (http://a.ifp.outhouse.net).

Interactive Floor Plans - Will my bed fit?

We all want our property to stand out differently than others (in a good way!), right?¬† We all believe, at one level or another,¬†”If I can implement a marketing tool or strategy unlike¬†any other property, I will gain more traffic and more tenants.”¬† We think this because for the most part it can be very true.¬† Or if you can¬†revise a common policy more lenient than another, maybe that will fill your¬†vacancies faster like it did by allowing a larger pet.¬†

Please share with us other clever strategies or even the simplest ideas you have come across that have driven additional traffic to your property or website.  And what have you seen other properties implement that seem to be working?

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