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How Do We Generate More Business This Year?



Did they ever ask their customers what they wanted?


Believe it or not, somebody asked this question back in 1969 at the American Motors Company (AMC) and they came up with the Gremlin (Definition: An imaginary gnome-like creature to whom mechanical problems, especially in aircraft, are attributed). Did they ever ask their customers what they wanted?  

A warm and heartfelt Happy New Year to all of our business partners for 2011. We at The Contrado Group are pleased to announce the launch of our new campaign that is what we believe to be the future in marketing, that being Dialog Marketing.  


  • What Dialog Marketing is:
  • Permission based
  • Engaging with relevant content
  • Relationship driven
  • Bi-Directional Communication
  • What Dialog Marketing is not:
  • Shot gun approach messaging in traditional media formats
  • Push Marketing
  • Lack of research about the client or prospect
  • Expensive

The topics that we wish to cover will be chosen by you!  

We plan to research and blend comments of previously blogged topics that will be made available after each subject is introduced such as: Learning Who The Customer Is (External / Internal), The True Cost Of High Maintenance / Low Profit Customers, Engaging The Right Customer, Establishing The Relationship, Market Innovations, How To Differentiate One’s Business, Generating New Business vs. Growing Business With Existing Customers  

So, to get started, please vote as to which is most critical for your business for all of us to better understand. You will be able to log onto our website (www.thecontradogroup.com) to view our blogs and survey results of each topic.  

Our goal is to grow our businesses together for 2011!!!  

What is the most critical area of customer focus for your business in 2011?

How do you wish to deepen relationships in 2011?

What type of market strategies are you planning to use and/or research this year?

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