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Is It Really Time to Buy A New Home Again?

So what is real right now? Is the waiting over?

What is real is that market conditions truly are beginning to point to a return to new home demand. Here is what we know:

  • Cost to rent is up significantly
  • Home prices are way down
  • Foreclosures are slowing
  • New jobs are being created
  • New build numbers are at levels not seen in a decade

All of these indicators point to an oncoming demand for renters to move across the street to a new home of their own. The time is coming for families and couples to get back into the game. New homes being built will be a large part of that story.

In non distressed markets, jobs creation is showing some good growth. Rents and home prices are rising at about the same pace as apartments are in short supply. As resale home inventory is becomes thinned out, people will realize how few new home builds are available currently, only 78,000 in 41 cities studies by Metrostudy. That is down from 343,00 units at the peak! And is down from a decade ago as well. Construction is ripe to take off!

Even in distressed foreclosure markets like Phoenix, the outlook is indeed looking better. Investors have been an important part of buying through distressed properties. Families that have been displaced are moving into homes as renters, further reducing the number of homes on the resale market. Most importanly, foreclosures are slowing. We will hit some bumps, but the overarching story is that the health of the resale market is beginning to return. New construction will follow suit!

For several years the fundamental of cost to own vs. cost to rent along with new build levels has given a number that indicates an unhealthy market but for the first time in a long time, it would appear that that number is going in the opposite direction. One where confidence returns, home valuations rise, the American Dream becomes attainable once again.

To read a full article explaining why new home demand is on the near horizon, please read this informative article.

Market Watch - Sales of new homes up

Additional news from Builder Pulse,  Market Watch and Arizona Republic.

Dialog Marketing / Hospitality Industry

How Do We Generate More Business This Year?



Did they ever ask their customers what they wanted?


Believe it or not, somebody asked this question back in 1969 at the American Motors Company (AMC) and they came up with the Gremlin (Definition: An imaginary gnome-like creature to whom mechanical problems, especially in aircraft, are attributed). Did they ever ask their customers what they wanted?  

A warm and heartfelt Happy New Year to all of our business partners for 2011. We at The Contrado Group are pleased to announce the launch of our new campaign that is what we believe to be the future in marketing, that being Dialog Marketing.  


  • What Dialog Marketing is:
  • Permission based
  • Engaging with relevant content
  • Relationship driven
  • Bi-Directional Communication
  • What Dialog Marketing is not:
  • Shot gun approach messaging in traditional media formats
  • Push Marketing
  • Lack of research about the client or prospect
  • Expensive

The topics that we wish to cover will be chosen by you!  

We plan to research and blend comments of previously blogged topics that will be made available after each subject is introduced such as: Learning Who The Customer Is (External / Internal), The True Cost Of High Maintenance / Low Profit Customers, Engaging The Right Customer, Establishing The Relationship, Market Innovations, How To Differentiate One’s Business, Generating New Business vs. Growing Business With Existing Customers  

So, to get started, please vote as to which is most critical for your business for all of us to better understand. You will be able to log onto our website (www.thecontradogroup.com) to view our blogs and survey results of each topic.  

Our goal is to grow our businesses together for 2011!!!  

What is the most critical area of customer focus for your business in 2011?

How do you wish to deepen relationships in 2011?

What type of market strategies are you planning to use and/or research this year?

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