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Start The Dialogue With Future Customers

Engaging At A Prospective Level – Creating Dialogue

Dialogue marketing is a term that has emerged in recent years to describe companies’ efforts to engage willing consumers in an ongoing dialogue to create lasting relationships. For example, based on data, marketers target groups of consumers who exhibit a propensity to buy and invite them to connect with the company in a variety of ways. The engagement process provides value to both the consumer and the company. Marketers use these opportunities as automated data collection points. The companies use the data to further customize their marketing messages and personalize the experience for their consumers and market segments. In exchange for sharing opinions, buying patterns, product preferences, etc., consumers receive perks such as discounts, tips, and free trials as well as appropriate and valuable messaging from the company.

History of Dialogue Marketing

Dialogue marketing can track its roots to permission marketing and relationship marketing, and is similar to engagement marketing and double-loop marketing. A direct reaction to traditional push marketing, the goal of dialogue marketing is to develop ongoing and long-lasting relationships with the right consumers.

Dialogue marketing is based on the premise that engaging consumers in relevant and personal conversations is more important than ever. As technology arms consumers with new ways to ignore messaging, disconnect from branding and disengage from the marketplace altogether; marketers believe that connecting on a personal level with consumers who do or will buy because the company resonates with them helps companies differentiate themselves and stand out as leaders in the marketplace.

Gone Are The Days Of Push Marketing

Online Engagement

When one can provide content online that is of value to a prospective client, they tend to be more inclined to be willing to exchange more information about themselves and their interests. Now more than ever, we have to differentiate ourselves from the sea of information that is online. For example, in order to capture any interest at all, a website must be able to convey the message of a company’s product or services with in six seconds of viewing. On top of that, there needs to be interactive triggers that will engage the viewer. This can as simple as more detailed product information as a link, or as complex as using an interactive floor planning tool.

Interactive Space Planner

Click On Image To Go To Space Planner

We have witnessed but a vast many changes in the way we go to market, from the push marketing styles of the 1950′s to one of engagement through the use of many forms of today’s media. The key to reaching today’s consumer is to first have a product that is right for the targeted demographics. However, this is only the first step of a well thought out market strategy. Part of any successful marketing plan is to be able to have an engaging process that begins the critical first steps of building the initial relationship. This means a marketing plan that has key ingredients which will provide value-based online content to begin the all important beginning steps of the customer relationship – the dialogue.

What’s More Important – Material or Social Upgrades?


Imagine¬†you live in an apartment (and maybe you do)¬†and your lease is about up.¬† The apartment Manager tells you, “If you renew your lease, I can provide the following things for you, but you have to choose either¬†list A or B – You can’t have both”.¬† Which would you choose?:

List A – Material

  • Upgraded kitchen countertop.
  • Above-counter lighting.
  • Professionally steam clean¬†your carpet.

List B – Social

  • Regularly themed resident appreciation parties and events.
  • Promotional give-aways, drawings¬†or contests.
  • Community retail discount programs.

Now¬†ask the same¬†question from the perspective of the apartment Manager or Owner.¬† Let’s assume the expense to the community will be the same regardless of which list is picked.¬† Did your answer change or stay the same?

Lastly, ask yourself the same question from the Manager’s point of view, guessing what the majority of your tenants might pick.¬† Would they lean for the material upgrades or go for the social perks?¬† Your mind is likely spinning because of all the new variables to consider now.¬†¬†How¬†might the social-economic demographics affect your answer (age, income, location, etc.)?

And now the most important question of all, (assuming you can’t have it ALL) do you currently feel¬†your property¬†focuses on¬†the¬†most appropriate¬†types of upgrades and amenities to best match your tenants?¬† What would you change?

Marketing In The “New” Economy

Let’s Start The Dialogue - It’s Not All About Twitter

As you may recall, we introduced our focus on our last blog for the next few months as it relates to Dialogue Marketing. The term is quite apropos in that there needs to be several factors in place to reach the correct audience. As we proceed with this fairly new style of marketing, we will be exploring these areas:

  • Learning Who Customer Is
  • Engaging The Right Customer
  • Establishing The Relationship
  • Tapping Into The Right Marketing Innovations
  • Differentiating The Message In A Sea of Noise
  • Establishing Metrics of Performance for a Successful Campaign

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